AHA Heart-saver CPR AED - Provider Course

Opening Hours : Monday to Saturday - 9am to 5pm
  Contact : +91 99443 84994

AHA Heart-saver CPR AED - Provider Course

Type of Course

Accredited course

Faculty Type

Healthcare, Non healthcare and students


1 day

Terminal Objective

Provides the knowledge and skills that may help save a life. It also offers the basics of first aid for the most common life-threatening emergencies, covering how to recognize them, how to call for help, and how to perform lifesaving skills.

Learning Outcomes

  • Adult CPR and AED Use
  • Opioid-associated Life-threatening Emergencies
  • Child CPR and AED Use
  • Infant CPR
  • First Aid Basics
  • Choking in an Adult, Child or Infant

Key Topics

  • Video based hands on training
  • Team Dynamic
  • Special Considerations
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion 
  • Exam 
  • Adult, Infant CPR and AED Skills Test
  • Remediation