Foley's Catheterization

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Foley's Catheterization

Type of Course

Skill based training course

Faculty Type

Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics


5 Hours

Terminal Objective

Learn the latest best practices for performing a urethral catheterization. Both intermittent straight catheters and indwelling retention (foley) catheters are demonstrated and described.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn Anatomy & Physiology of Urinary system
  • Identify straight catheters and retention catheters.
  • Describe the appropriate use of straight catheters and retention catheters.
  • Perform a urinary catheter insertion.
  • List infection control measures to take when inserting a urinary catheter.
  • Describe urinary catheter care.
  • Obtaining a urine specimen from a urinary catheter.
  • Remove a urinary catheter.
  • Describe information that should be documented when inserting and removing a urinary catheter.

Key Topics

  • Mock drill (simulation)
  • Theory session
  • Demonstration (6 iTechnique)
  • Hand on training (6i Technique)
  • Theory and practical exam (as per OSCE checklist)
  • Certification (If passed in theory and Practical’s)