Fluid and electrolyte balance and calculation

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Fluid and electrolyte balance and calculation

Type of Course

Skill based training course

Faculty Type

Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics


5 Hours

Terminal Objective

Learn when to use what type of IV fluid by using formulas for adult, peadiatric and Infant.

Learning Outcomes

  • Body and fluid management
  • IV fluids intro
  • What are IV fluids good for
  • Dextrose solution
  • Crystalloids
  • Plasma expanders
  • Body water intro
  • Moles, osmoles and movement

Key Topics

  • Mock drill (simulation)
  • Theory session
  • Formula excercise
  • Module practise  team activity
  • Theory and practical exam (as per OSCE checklist)
  • Certification (If passed in theory and Practical’s)