Basic Airway Management

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Basic Airway Management

Type of Course

Skill based training course

Faculty Type

Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics


5 Hours

Terminal Objective

To develop competencies to make the airway patent and using appropriate airway devices for an unconscious person.

Learning Outcomes

Early detection of airway obstruction 

 Learn to do head tilt and chin lift and jaw thrust 

Learn to do OPA, NPA 

 Learn to do EC clamp technique when using bag mask for ventilation

 Learn to insert  Laryngeal mask airway(LMA) & Combitube

 Learn to intubate with laryngoscope 

Key Topics

Mock drill (simulation)

Theory session


Hand on training (NPA,OPA, LMA, ET Intubation)

Theory and practical exam ( as per OSCE checklist)

Certification ( If passed in theory and Practicals)