C - Spine stabilization and logroll

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C - Spine stabilization and logroll

Type of Course

C - Spine stabilization and logroll

Faculty Type

Non healthcare


5 Hours

Terminal Objective

Learn to mange the suspected Spine Injury vitcm  and to prevent Nerve damage by doing head immobilization and shifting with necessary equipment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss the purpose of traditional spinal immobilization and its effect on neurological outcomes in trauma
  • Recognize when spinal immobilization is indicated or not indicated
  • Identify the two decision rules that can be safely used to rule out clinically significant cervical spine injury
  • Discuss how to clear a C-spine in the Emergency department
  • Describe what imaging may be necessary in patients who complain of neck pain after trauma


Key Topics

Mock drill

Interactive session

Equipment orientation


Team dynamic

Skill test

 theory exam